Windows Mobile / HTC upgrade policy

I currently use HTC Touch Pro. It’s small, nice, easy to write on, functional. However, I bouyght it 1,5 years ago and since then there have been newer phones, bigger, faster, with more features.

I usually upgrade my phone every year or two, so I thought – it’s the time.

However, there is no good replacement for Touch Pro. There’s a thing called Touch Pro 2, but it’s just a minor refinement. Moreover, I had a look through HTC’s leaked plans for 2010, they don’t have anything with bigger screen and much better CPU and hardware keyboard. I would love to buy “HD2 Pro”, but it seems it’s not going to happen.

So I decided to do a software upgrade instead, to get the new features. However, it’s a pain in the back. If I don’t want to spend weeks tweaking and building my new mobile OS, I have to download one of the “custom built” ROMs, e.g. from XDA Developers. But they do have issues. They hang, they’re not as stable as the original OS, they miss some features, draw weird things on the screen etc.

How come Apple gives you the newest software, no matter if you have 3-year old iPhone or the new and shiny 3GS, and HTC / Microsoft don’t? Do they fear I won’t buy I new phone? Hell, I will buy, just make me a device with WVGA, Snapdragon CPU and hardware keyboad and I will gladly pay whatever ridiculous price you put on it.

If not, just let me upgrade my phone, don’t make me feel like I’m stuck with whatever I have because I bought it a year ago.

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