One is OK, two is good, three is better!

Following the examples of Larry Page, Bill Gates and Jeff Atwood I just bought myself 2 additional 21 inch displays.

3 monitor setup

I can finally keep my email always open (on the left-hand side monitor), put IM communicator, desktop widgets and other trivia stuff to the right-hand side one and be focused on my main task. I had to precisely choose the side displays for my setup, so they match the resolution, physical dimensions (at least visible screen height) and color quality of the center one, which I already had.

I use two NECs at work, so having 3 monitors should be better, right? It is. I don’t have the small gap in front of me, just a wide 24″, 1920×1200 area waiting for me to do something.

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  1. klm_ says:

    Now you can by 3 times more productive ? Happy with that ?

  2. I am happy.

    No, I’m not 3 times more productive. Well, I am more productive, but I didn’t measure it :)

    The biggest advantage is that I have email client always open, so I can read and respond to emails without switching away from what I was doing, and I can offload all “garbage” (UI gadgets, IM communicator, music player) to the right-hand side display.

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