It’s a feature, it’s not a bug

OK, I know all of you heard this once or twice. Or even said that sometimes, maybe to cover up some bug, maybe because it was true. But I think there should be some border, after which you don’t say that maic phrase anymore. The “IT-guy” inside you (AKA conscience in the real world) should start screaming that this is not right. And that it went too far. But he didn’t, at least for the ones designing and supporting FireWire.

See – FireWire allows DMA from one device to another. Which of course can be used to do some bad things, like bypassing authentication or getting BIOS passwords. Which was reported to Microsoft 2 years ago (other OSes are affected too, but it’s always better seen to bash Microsoft than Open Source). Who, in turn, said the famous words “It’s a feature, it’s not a bug” and did nothing.

Well… when you can just unlock a working desktop without a password, I would say this is far behind the border. I would feel this in my guts. But the Microsoft guys must be thick-skined.

Bug versus Feature picture

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