I just love IPv6

I just found another reason to love IPv6.

I spent 2 hours debugging why I can’t connect via RDP to a new server I built at home. Traces, firewall checks, vpings. Nothing – the port seemed closed from the network, even though it was wide open on the server OS.

Finally I found the reason – I was connecting via netbios name and the connection was going to a virtual machine I had opened, not to the actual physical server.

Thanks to IPv6, I couldn’t just recognize that looking at the ping results – it’s not that easy to spot a difference in IPv6, as it was with v4.

Just a rant. But quite annoying.

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  1. Abd says:

    Make sure that files were copied into wwwRoot of the web foledr. Sometimes you have one wwwRoot installed by default and the real root of the web server IIS is somewhere else. Then you can open IIS manager and assign code execution permissions to comersus foledr.[]

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