How far can you go in hating a product?

I never liked Quicktime. The Windows player for it was always incompatible, slow, hanging. It also used it’s own chrome, so it never looked like Windows software. Since some time, due to fancy Apple Software update, it was trying to push some other Apple software (Safari and iTunes mostly) to your system with every update.

Because of that I never wanted to install the Quicktime player on my machines. I tried using Quicktime alternative codecs, or avoided having videos in Quicktime, but there’s always a situation when you get a quicktime video and have to see it, at least once.

Recently, I found a solution to that. I just upload the quicktime video to YouTube as private, and then decide if it’s worth keeping or not. I know it’s a twisted way, very slow and error-prone, but I am so happy I don’t need to install the player that I can spare those 10 minutes of my time.

This made me think: how far can you go in hating a product? I mean, the player is just a player, but I feel so much discomfort when I have to install it, that I will do a lot to avoid it. I felt the same way about Java applications, and luckily, they’re gone. It should be some kind of a warning sign for the seoftware vendor: if people hate you enough to use their time and resources (bandwidth in this case) just to avoid using it, you should rethink your strategy. Seriously.

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  1. RealPlayer! Don’t forget RealPlayer!

  2. Oh yes, I didn’t try the same with RealPlayer, but surely will.

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