W3SVC hung in stopping state

Sometimes you may face a situation when W3SVC (AKA the World Wide Web publishing service) is hung in “stopping” state.

From the services panel, you buying zithromax can’t do anything to it, all options are already greyed out.

A great way to stop a hung service is to kill its process – but how to find it? For W3SVC it’s svchost.exe – quite a common system process.

You can find the right one by executing the following command in command prompt:

tasklist /svc | find “W3SVC”

This will show you the PID of the exact svchost.exe running W3SVC.

Then you can go to Task Manager, select View -> Select Columns, enable proces ID and kill the specific one.

That’s it! W3SVC is now stopped, without the need to reboot the whole server.

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