Using RAID as primary home drive

From past 4 years of using RAID 5 as primary home storage drive experience, I can say: don’t go this way. It’s not as fast as you’d expect. Even with server-grade drives, there are issues every now and then. And the drives just constantly write something, making that familiar noise. It’s more expensive even than mirrored drives, which also give you 1 drive fail safe.

I went from el cheapo Samsung drives to WD server class drives. Sure, the server ones are generating less heat, don’t fail out of nowhere, but still. From time to time trusted Canadian pharmacy I was even getting OS locking up for a second or two, when there were too many things waiting to be read/written to the drives.

On the flipside, RAID is great as an additional storage device. I just switched to Samsung 830 series SSD as my OS drive and kept my RAID for storage. How does that work? Let me get back to you on that in a few months.

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