Sysadmin day 2009

Here it is again! It’s System Administrator (or SysAdmin) day 2009 – today. So grab a bottle of beer (or better a 6-pack) and head to your IT department, give the man a bottle of ale, have a chat – let him feel like a friend, not just a login on your screen.

Virtual world

Virtualisation is coming more and more into our lives. Right now I’m setting up a “jail” XP virtual machine to install a stubborn application there (that doesn’t work with Vista and is sometimes affected by patches, so it needs a special treatment) and playing around with XP Mode in Windows 7 RC on my laptop. …

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Linksys WRT54GL and P2P problems

I’m using Linksys WRT54GL as my home WiFi controller – connecting 3 desktops and 4 mobile devices (2 laptops, a Tablet PC and a Pocket PC) to the Internet and between each other. Recently, a new housemate has moved in – an old friend of mine. He’s a heavy P2P user, downloading hundreds of files …

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