Getting official

Today, maybe as a gift on the occasion of SysAdmin day 2009, I got a letter from the court. It officially states that “Jakub Anderwald – Yet Another Tech Blog” is a state registered magazine. Basically, I am now a publisher and chief editor of a magazine – on the same level as country-wide magazines …

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I’m famous (well… sort of)

It’s good to be famous. It’s good to be inspirational. Conclusion: It’s good to inspire someone to create something that will make you famous. My part starts here: “Commenter Jakub Anderwald notes how hard it is to send a text message to a home or work phone. I totally agree.” It’s very nice to …

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YATB continued

Out of curiosity, I just did a simple Google search for the words “Yet Another Tech Blog” and I found that I was not orignal at all when thinking of a good title for my blog. Oh well – seems I just dropped into the 80 percent of Internet that sucks. Hello, world.