Getting official

Today, maybe as a gift on the occasion of SysAdmin day 2009, I got a letter from the court. It officially states that “Jakub Anderwald – Yet Another Tech Blog” is a state registered magazine.

Basically, I am now a publisher and chief editor of a magazine – on the same level as country-wide magazines like Top Gear, or Playboy, except that I publish only on Internet, not on paper.

If you’re Polish, you probably know, this is an effect of a curious court decision, where, among other lines, it said that “a website is a magazine according to polish law and must be registered”. It has been widely discussed 2 years ago, mostly ignored in reality, but a couple of freaks found it to be a nice and funny way of promoting their websites – and here I am.

The same law also says that publishing a magazine without registration is a crime – so beware, all other Polish websites ;)

Here’s the court statement (in Polish, though)

Postanowienie o rejestracji czasopisma

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  1. Wow man! I would never guess you are so young!
    Born: 26th April 2009, that’s hilarious!

  2. Yes, I know :)

    I have to ask the court to fix that point.

  3. Właśnie dostałem postanowienie sądu o poprawieniu “oczywistej pomyłki pisarskiej” ;)

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